This is my first post. Suppose to be my introductory. So, let me introduce who am I.

I am a wife and a mother to a lovely princess. She is homeschooling or more to unschooling during her early stage. The reason I do this blog is to record our journey as a family. I would like this blog become a reference for her in near future.

It started during my pregnancy, I saw an article about homeschool in Malaysia. I was never aware there is another option besides government or private school. In the article, the mom briefly describe her daily home school looks like. From the reading, I was inspired and started to dig more about homeschooling.

After a long search, I found out there is homeschool society in Malaysia. It was not so popular back then. Less people and most of them love to keep it by themselves. Once I’m in the facebook group (previously it used email and forum), I was so excited and started to read more books and article laying around the internet.

I never attend any official talk or forum about homeschool, but I was determined to make sure my daughter will get the balance education which is not focus only on academics. I believe passion is the most important thing when we are learning. Once you have a passion, nothing will stop you from gain the knowledge.

Besides passion, the balance between indoor and outdoor activity are also essential. Sometimes or most of the time, I just follow with the mom’s instinct. We started with outdoor activities during her earlier age. Lot’s of sport activity such as archery, swimming and play dates.

Sweats is important to make sure our heart and brain working. I don’t do read aloud (but I encourage you to do it) because she has less time at home. But I truly believe that our world is our classroom. And always talk. This the only way they will catch up the vocabulary and become a very good at making conversation. Never treat you kid like a small baby, take your time, explain every single thing. We are their teacher, we must explain, or if you are so tired, at least say to them ” I will explain to you tomorrow”, and keep your promise and explain.

Never tired using jargon, and take time to explain. They will understand, believe me and to your surprise in near future they will use the word when they are talking to everyone.

The best thing about this experiences are when you get to see in front of you a beautiful child blooming without any restriction and crazy rules.

Happy Homeschooling/ Unschooling!

Love, Nor Azrin, Cyberjaya, Malaysia





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